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Video technology enabled capturing, storing, recording, and reconstructing images to produce moving scenes. To date, videos are among the popular sources of entertainment to many people.

What are the importance of videos?

Aside from entertainment, videos are very important add-ins in communication technology.

Videos come in various forms such as the following:

*Movies - These are films that may run for a few minutes or hours.
*Video games - These are games that involve the use of visual equipment.
*Music videos - These are short video clips accompanied by music.
*Concert videos - These are live footages of concerts.
*Sports videos - These are recorded sports games played by professionals of a certain sport.

In the information and communication field, videos are used for the following:

*Video conference - This is a form audio and video telecommunication meant to provide connection to users from different locations.
*News broadcast - This is the transmission of news to remote audience through audio and video signals.
*Virtual communication - This is a form of communication technology involving the use of computers and other IT equipment.

Videos are also used for educational purposes such as:

*Webcast - These are media files distributed through the Internet.
*Training videos - These are video clips showing the steps on how a certain thing is done.
*Virtual learning - This is a learning tool, which involved the use of computers and video recordings.

What are the other uses of videos?

Videos are also great ways to be seen and heard, especially when shared to other people through wireless connectivity in PC devices and mobile phones. The Internet can also be a great place to download and upload videos.

What are the types of videos?

Videos can either be real-time or recorded. Real time videos are those used in video conferencing, web chatting and broadcasting, while recorded videos are those stored in CDs, DVDs and other hard drive formats.

Who can make videos?

Amateurs and professionals alike can make videos, as long as they have their own video equipment. Professionals usually make videos for company advertisements or other projects, while amateurs may create videos out of sheer fun or as a form of self-expression.

What are the tips in making videos?

Having a video equipment is a must in making videos or shooting live footages. If you have quality video equipment, you can now start planning for the type and theme of videos you will make. These videos may be stored into soft copies, which you can easily upload on the Internet or other media players, or saved through DVDs or CDs. Remember to tag your videos for quick search.